And…I can breath again!

And…I can breath again!

Well I’ve had a crazy few months.  As you can see I completely fell off my blog.  The truth is I was in “I need a job” mode.  So it was very hard for me to concentrate on anything else.  Tweaking my resume, going on interviews, 2nd interviews, etc.  Well the good news is, I’m EMPLOYED again!  I was very lucky to receive an opportunity at Mercy Medical Center in their IT department.  I start March 3rd, and I’m THRILLED!

All of this allowed me to let out a very long and loud SIGH of relief, and now my attentions can return to quilting!  And what better way to make your way back than with some AWESOME inspiration!  BEHOLD!!

Postcard From Sweden






Isn’t that GORGEOUS!   It’s called “Postcards from Sweden” and it’s a free pattern available at Craftsy.

So I have the fabric ordered and can’t wait to put it together.  I still have my upcoming Lone Star collaboration to work on.  Can’t WAIT for you to see that!!  Lots of sewing on the horizon!


Lonestar – Reloaded

Well I’m really excited!!

I will be getting some fabric soon to start a new Lonestar quilt.  I am pattern testing for a friend, so not only will I be using some hand dyed fabrics, but I will be putting it together per their pattern.  And all I can say is, the pattern is STUNNING!  So I will talk more about the specific project, etc once the pattern is published.  But will give you some sneak peaks on the fabric and construction as things progress.

I’m still on the job hunt, but have settled into the idea more.  I’m a worrier….so the first month was REALLY hard, now I’ve accepted it and am looking for new opportunities.  Other than that, I can’t wait to get back to the Quilting Studio and get some sewing done!

Happy Quilting!

Hire Me!

Hire Me!

hiremeYes, it’s another personal post.  Sorry we will return to our regularly scheduled quilting posts soon.  🙂

So my hunt for a new job continues.  It’s a strange process, having only 2 jobs in 20 years makes me rusty at the art of the interview.  I have had several promising interviews, however once everything is out on the table my skills and their need don’t match up, and that’s ok.

Being a long term employee is a good thing, it also makes you REALLY evaluate the place you want to work.  You want to be an asset, but at the same time, work in an environment where you feel comfortable and like your part of the team.  So, the search continues.

It’s stressful being in a partnership where your lack of job could hurt things you have worked years to achieve.  Karl (my spouse) has been nothing but supportive, but it’s just that feeling where you don’t want to let down your other half.

Now separate from my job hunt is our foster and adoption journey.  Which is wonderful and scary and frustrating all at the same time.  It’s a Labyrinth to navigate at times, and I’m getting advice for how to go about various different things.  But not knowing whether the advice I’m getting is sound, or if I should ignore it.  So add that to my job stress, and you have one heck of a ride.

So today I’m choosing to be positive and know that the right opportunity will present itself at the right time.  Until then I just need to trust and stay in good spirits, and with that….Christmas might come a tad earlier this year, as that always puts me in a good mood.  🙂