The Hobo Quilt

The Hobo Quilt

This quilt was designed by Kaye England and is in her book “Checks and Chicks”. I had the opportunity to take 2 of Kaye’s classes and they were both wonderful! She is a complete delight and makes learning really fun. So, whether you’re an old pro or novice there is something for you in her class.

I purchased the kit from my local quilt shop Inspired To Sew I just really loved the color combinations. This is a pretty quick quilt to put together, and it was fun and not super complicated. I was SUPER happy with the finished results!

Alaska Quilt

Alaska Quilt

This quilt was designed by Laundry Basket Quilts and Edyta Sitar. It was probably not the correct quilt to start with after being on hiatus for so long. So it took me a minute before getting into the matching point groove.

One thing I did like, is I purchased the precut quilt kit. So it was all packaged by block. So I could take an hour and go work on a block and get it completed. Then come back to this project. So between work and family it was nice to be able to do a little at a time with an easy start and stop in the project.

Once I have it all put together it was time to quilt it. This was quilted on my 26″ Innova longarm. It was computer quilted using my Qbot and their V3 Pro software. I recently found Kaylee Porter’s digital quilt designs and really love them. For this quilt I used “Circle of Life” on the blocks. And then I used “Kaylee’s Border #83” for the border. I still need to bind it (I hate binding) and then she’ll be complete.

A’Camping We Will Go!

A’Camping We Will Go!

2016 K-Z Connect 241RKS

Well my family went a little crazy within the last week. My mom loves to camp, and for the past few years had rented out cabins at different parks. The problem was, you have to pack EVERYTHING in, unpack, then pack it all back up before you leave, etc.

She had talked about wanting a camper, but it never really happened. So in the last year we talked about wanting a cabin that wasn’t on leased land, and wasn’t in a development with each house stacked on top of one another. That dream was like trying to find a unicorn….soo we just thought we would go look at a camper and this past weekend, we had a camper and truck to pull it…so much for looking.


Anyway we purchased a 2016 K-Z Connect 241RKS. It’s small at around 27″ long. But it had everything we needed to get started and it wasn’t crazy expensive like a new one would be. We pick it up this coming Wednesday.

My hope is to get it all setup and organized and learn the ropes this coming weekend at a “first come, first serve” campground, as most of the campgrounds I have looked at that take reservations are completely booked.


I’m hoping after we have used it a few times, I can figure out all the storage and places for everything, and it will allow me to have a small tote I can put sewing supplies in so I can quilt while we are camping as well. My little 221K should be perfect for the job!