Be There, Get your Square – Block #4

Be There, Get your Square – Block #4


Lucretia Coffin Mott Block

So I know I said the next block would be Jackie Kennedy….but she is still a work in progress.  I need to convert ONE part of that block to smart piecing and the math proved to be my undoing last night.  So I set Jackie aside and started on the next block in the series.  The block to the left is the “Lucretia Coffin Mott” block.  This was an easy block, however I decided to get “jazzy” and change up some of the colors from the original layout (The layout I used is also in the book.)

I’m using the “Nifty Notions” rulers designed by Kaye England (who also wrote the book we’re using for the BOM).  For this particular block I used the “Half-Square Triangle” ruler as well as the “Quarter Square Triangle” ruler.  They are available individually in 8″ versions, or there is a 4″ set version also available.  I will be adding a tutorial on using these rulers soon.  But I really LOVE these rulers for making flying geese units, and half square triangle units.  Makes it quick and easy!!  So head out to your local shop to get them, or if they don’t carry them you can get them using the links provided here.

On my last trip out to see my friends in Washington state, I got a set for my friends Cindi, and Charisma.  They use traditional piecing techniques, so I had a little demo with them.  (Can you tell if I really like something, and think it works great, that I feel the need to share, and talk it up?)

So 2 more blocks to go and I will be all caught up for my BOM, which will be a nice feeling.  I hate getting behind!  😀

Block of the Month Information:
Voices of the Past II – Women in History” by Kaye England
Hosted by:  Inspired to Sew in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Vacation Fun

Vacation Fun

Navaho Rose Quilt Pattern - By Cynthia Rang

Navaho Rose Quilt Pattern – By Cynthia Rang

I spent the last 3 days in quilting heaven. My friend Cindi owns The Fabric Patch in Ephrata, Washington. She also recently opened a retreat house, and I was fortunate enough to get to stay there this visit. (When I get back I will have a review of this wonderful quilting retreat).

I also got to spend time with my friend and long arm quilter Charisma, she is such a gifted quilter, and wonderful friend.  I’m like the older brother she never wanted, and she is the sister I always wanted.

We all hunkered down at the retreat house and worked on various projects. Cindi’s daughter Brianna, Sabrina, Donna, Faith and Roger (from Portland )also came over for a visit. I decided to make a quilt that’s exclusive to the shop called Navaho Rose.  I ended up getting all of the blocks completed and shipped it back home.  So when I get done with vacation I will be ready to get the sashing and borders on it.

Brianna and her fiance Robert, and his friend Alex took me out shooting. Which was fun, I’m gonna be all ready for the zombie apocalypse.  I shot a 22, 9 mil, and a shot gun.  It was really interesting and something I had always wondered about.  So I can scratch it off my bucket list.

It was great! And while I’m sad to leave, I’m excited to see Karl again tomorrow!!

More pictures to come, also forgive any strange wording or phrasing, as doing this on my phone is awkward.