Showtime Synergy!!

Showtime Synergy!!

So I have a completely non-quilt related post, it’s just a personal post about my life.

I’ve been in a funk the past few days, stresses at work mostly.  But my fuse has been short, and everything seems to annoy me.  I have been neglecting some of my chores around the house, and just in an all around bad mood.  In short:  I needed an attitude adjustment.

Well that adjustment came today in an unusual way, cookies.  Now not just any cookie, it was a particular sugar cookie.  And it all had to do in the way it was decorated.  I’m a child of the 80’s and like many people from that generation, we still reminiscence back to the AWESOME kids cartoons, etc they had back then.

So take a look at these truly OUTRAGEOUS cookies!

Jem CookiesI ordered these cookies months ago (She does good work and is always booked up), the person who makes them works with me, and has a side business called “A Cookie Family“.  So imagine my surprise when she told me they would be ready this week.  When she dropped them off at work today I was IMMEDIATELY happy.  They were fun, they are GLITTERY (though it doesn’t photograph the best in this picture) and it made me remember when I was a child and watching this great TV show (SO much better than Barbie and the Rockers)

It just put me in a good mood, and leaves me smiling to myself.  Now to place my NEXT order…I believe He-Man and She-Ra will be in order!