Ohh My StarsI have become a quilter interrupted!! It seems like the more I try and make time for quilting the quicker it gets eaten up.

Take today for example, today I was going to lock myself away in the studio, put together my other design wall, finish up my BOM blocks and a quilt that I need to cut sashing for. So I get my design wall all put together (it takes all of 5 minutes) and then start putting my quilt blocks on my wall. Then I really hate starting project(s) in a messy sewing room, so I sort a few things, pull out the sweeper and vacuum the floor, and have just about everything ready to begin. Then Karl comes done and says, we’re meeting some friends in 30 minutes. Friends I like, friends that always take care of our dogs when we’re out of town. So of course I want to go and see them….but then I’m a tad torn because…well I was going to sew today. Can I sew when I get back, ABSOLUTELY. But, I always have a problem starting a project I know I won’t finish that day…

When I quilt I love know that today I’m going to press and cut everything. Then tomorrow I will get the first part of piecing done, then the following I will piece the blocks, etc, etc. I like have a clear beginning and ending, because it means I met the goal I set for myself. While I LOVE doing it this way I clearly need to take a new tact. My friend Charisma finishes TONS of quilts, and she does it in small increments, 5 minutes at a time if that’s all she has. We works little by little and at the end of the quilt POOF there’s a quilt, next week POOF there is another quilt.

So, I’m going to FORCE myself not to come up with an excuse today why I can’t go back down, and then try and set aside at least 30 minutes each day to each some sewing done. I really do love it, and it helps tremendously with releasing stress (except when you can’t get those blasted seams to match up)!!

So this is my new challenge to myself….less procrastinating more short bursts of productiveness…