Pine Needles & Babies

10464119_10154328025780235_3386120478955446733_nSo as I was looking at fabric at my LQS Pine Needles Sewing Center I received a Facebook message from my friend Amber.  She and her husband are expecting.  (CONGRATS!)  They like to make handmade items, they were on a roll there making furniture.  So I offered to make a quilt, or help HER make a quilt as I though she might like to play a part in it.  So she Facebooks me and says, for a boy they would like to do airplanes, and for a girl The Wizard of Oz.


I tell 10359390_10154328026235235_3509842682843535300_nthis to my Pine Needles associate and BOY did they deliver.  I’m shown to an ADORABLE airplane kit that is BOGO!!   And then this absolutely darling Wizard of Oz fabric called “The Magic of Oz” by Wilmington Prints.  (They have a really cute pattern for the OZ fabric as well.  TheMagicOfOz)

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