Let’s Tidy Up the Quilt Room – And Vacation

Quilt Room - My Station
Quilt Room – My Station

If you recall a few weeks back I had received some new sewing cabinets from Arrow Sewing Cabinets that were an incredible deal.  They were moving their facilities and had some available at a STEAL!

Well this weekend I finally got around to un-boxing them and setting them up.  It will be great for my mom and my friend Joann to have a specific spot to come over and sew (which is not as often as I would like, that darn thing called life always seems to get in the way)

Quilt Room - Computer Setup
Quilt Room – Computer Setup

Anyway I now have a dedicated desk for the computer, as well as a blank spot for…well I’m sure it will collect things, but it’s nice to have a blank spot to sort, etc.

While I was arranging everything, I came to the conclusion that I needed more things on the wall.  I want to make my own design wall, and then…even though for years I’ve said how much I hate them…I want to get….a wall hanging!!!  There I said it!  For years I’ve been saying how much I hate them in a house….but in this particular instance, in a quilt room setting it seems appropriate.  🙂

Quilt Room - Joann's Station
Quilt Room – Joann’s Station

This week I will be going on vacation. (YAY!)  Karl and I are headed out to visit friends and family in Washington state.  His parents live in Coupeville, WA and I have some friends in Ephrata, WA.

So for the first 4 days I will be spending time with my quilting friends in Ephrata.  My friend Cindi is the owner of The Fabric Patch and has recently opened a Quilt Retreat Center (which is where I will be

Quilt Room - Mom's Station
Quilt Room – Mom’s Station

staying!)  And then my long-arm quilter Charisma (Owner of Charisma’s Corner – Long-Arm Quilting).  I can’t wait, we always have a wonderful time.  Lots of laughing, and inspiration, it will be GREAT!

Then I meet Karl and his family and we embark on an Alaskan cruise (a gift from Karl’s dad to the family last Christmas).  It’s going to be a really fun week, and I’m really looking forward to it.  I hope I see a polar bear!!  So I’m going to try and update my blog while I am away, but with internet service, etc on a cruise I can’t guarantee it!

Have a wonderful day!  Happy Quilting!

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