Tula Pink, 3 Dog Design Co, and Fons & Porter (OH MY!)

Tula Pink, 3 Dog Design Co, and Fons & Porter (OH MY!)

tulaSo I have to admit, when it came to fabric designers, I paid no attention.  I would go into my LQS and look at all the fabric and pick up what I liked.  That was until a year ago, my friend Charisma (who is like the Rain-man of fabrics) started rattling off the different fabrics in a scrappy quilt.  “That’s Amy Butler, and there’s some Kaffe and Tula Pink…”

“And Who-la?” I asked.  It was Tula pink, and she had the most interesting fabric.  We were at quilt market, so we sought out Tula and said hello.  Then I put in my pre-order for a yard of each print in her new line.  Then 4 yards of a print I liked for the border etc.  Not long after that I had received the Fons & Porter Love of quilting.  It was the May-June 2013 edition.  There was a quilt on the cover, a BEAUTIFUL quilt.  The pattern was by 3 Dog Design Co and it was gorgeous!!  Colorful and interesting and WAY to difficult for me to make…..but I couldn’t help myself…I wanted it.  So I set out, bought all of the fabric and got to work.LOQ-MJ-2013_200

My first roadblock….it was a template quilt.  So I sent out to have some templates made.  Got them back a week or so later and got to work.  And BOY was it a lot of work.  1458887_10153525547745235_66147020_nA LOT of cutting, and more cutting.  And cutting on top of that.  I believe I was able to get through 3 seasons of “The Good Wife” while I was cutting out this quilt.   The picture to the left is a tiny sampling of all of the pieces I had to cut out.  I believe this is what I had accomplished the first day.

Once I was done cutting it was time to assemble my first block.  And boy howdy, are there a few pieces in this block 50 pieces per block.  So there was a little sewing involved with each block.  1456960_10153546802525235_1644532030_nI became a chain piecing FOOL!  And I have to admit, many times I thought to myself, just put it all in a plastic tote and save it from another day.  But I KNEW that if I did that it would never get pulled out again.  All of that lovely fabric would be doomed to live out it’s life stuck in a plastic tote.  So I kept going.

And I’m REALLY Happy that I did.  It took me almost 3 months, but I completed the top and sent it off to my good friend Charisma to quilt it.  Well I have to say all of the work was TOTALLY worth it.  This quilt remains my all time favorite quilt.  I just LOVE it!!  I was really proud of the work I did on this one.  (So proud it’s in my logo) So if you’re up for a challenge, this would be a great one.  Tula also have a FAB new line coming soon!!!