Lone Star Swirl

swirlSo after my first attempt at a Lone Star, I believe I might have become slightly addicted.  I was just SUPER intimidated thinking about it, and assumed I would fail.  So now having one under my belt, I’m ready for round two!  Now, round one had some hiccups, and everything didn’t work out perfectly (I had a “stubby” blade)  So this time around I’m thinking about doing a “Swirl” Lone Star (however if I decide it’s too much, it might just be a regular Lone Star)

My next big decision is determining the size of my pieces.  I want this to be a really large quilt, so I think I may make my them 3 or 4 inches wide.  Large I know, but it will result in a nice large quilt to curl up under, plus make the center star a bit easier to put together.  (That was probably my LEAST favorite part of the Lone Star)

So I have my new color palette, all batiks, I’m thinking about a black and grey batik background for this one.  But I’m eager to get started on it this weekend!

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