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1One of the best experiences I’ve had was going to a Kaye England retreat.  It was called “Kaye’s Quilting College” and while I was there I made her Amelia Earhart quilt.  It was the most complicated quilt I had made in my early quilting days.

The whole experience was great, she helped demo all of her Nifty Notions rulers, and was there to answer any questions you had about her pattern.  She also infused a lot of humor and energy into the weekend.

A year or so later one of my favorite sites Craftsy announced they had a new class.   “Re-Piecing the Past:  Civil War Black Then & Now”  taught by Kaye England.  Well needless to say I immediat10ely wen to Craftsy and signed up.

I downloaded all of the instructions and started looking at the quilt…..WHAT had I gotten myself into?  Some of these blocks had 60 small pieces to them (I might be exaggerating a tad).  But I had never attempted to create a quilt this difficult, and I was nervous I had just spent money on fabric for a quilt that wasn’t going to turn out.

Enter the Craftsy platform.  I was able to watch Kaye put together the blocks, not one THAT, but I could rewind and watch it over and over again.  Until I felt comfortable.  Also it never expired it’s always there!  And it’s not like a DVD that you can lose, scratch, etc.  Add all of that to Kaye’s humor….it was a match made in heaven.  I chose to do a block a week, and was able to get the quilt finished in no time.

So if you feel like you would like to attempt something a little more advanced but are nervous, this is a WONDERFUL class to do!  I have provided a link below to sign up for the class on Craftsy.

Online Quilting Class


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