Bright & Cheery Lone Star

Bright & Cheery Lone Star
Bright & Cheery Lone Star

Well I got this little gem put together over the weekend.  I’m a little sad because I wish I would have made it BIGGER!!  With some borders, this will be a pretty large baby quilt.  I was surprised at how easy piecing this and putting the blades together was.  It’s stripped pieced and then the seams are pressed opened. (First time NOT pressing to the dark side.)

Strip Sets

Then came the more difficult part, blocking the blades and then the assembly was a tad tricky for me.  The Y seams are a tad tricky at first, as is getting the center star together.  So this being my first attempt, I had a few mis-steps as well as 1 “stubby” blade.  Which normally would drive me crazy, but I’m excited to make another one, so this will be chalked up to a learning experience.  😀

Seams pressed open

I’m going to make my next one larger, and I’m toying with adding white or another solid color between the colors…we’ll see.  But I’m excited to make a few more of these as they aren’t nearly has hard as I thought they would be, and want to keep building my confidence in making them.  Happy Quilting!

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