Arrow Sewing Cabinets

Arrow Sewing Cabinet - Aussie
Arrow Sewing Cabinet – Aussie

Due to an unfortunate kitten accident my mothers old sewing cabinet with an electric lift got broken.  (The kitten hit the switch and burned up the motor)  She asked me to keep an eye out a new cabinet.

Arrow Sewing Cabinet - Dingo
Arrow Sewing Cabinet – Dingo

The VERY next day, Arrow Sewing Cabinets (They are both Arrow and Kangaroo) announced on their Facebook page that they were having a moving sale!!

The good news for them is they are growing and moving to a bigger facility.  The BETTER news was that they were selling many of their display models for less than half off.

Arrow Sewing Cabinet - Bandicoot
Arrow Sewing Cabinet – Bandicoot

So needless to say, my mother and I got some new sewing cabinets.  🙂  I already own an “Aussie” and a “Dingo” cutting table, and they are completely fantastic.

So I was able to pick up a “Bandicoot” for myself, and also a “Shirley” cabinet.  The price for BOTH of them?  $175.00…AMAZING yes???  (I have friends that come over to sew with me and now have a spot for each machine.)  Plus they matched the color that I already have, so it was a win-WIN

Arrow Sewing Cabinet - Shirley
Arrow Sewing Cabinet – Shirley

My mother got the “Marilyn” and is super excited!!

So my mother is off tomorrow to drive to Wisconsin to pick them up…but she’s driving my new car…so hopefully it makes it back in one piece.

Arrow Sewing Cabinet - Marilyn
Arrow Sewing Cabinet – Marilyn
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